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Surgical mask, protective mask and medical mask follows different standard:

Model: Sterile & Non-Sterile

   Outer layer - Fluid resistant blue nonwoven fabric ,

   Middle filter layer - Melt-blown filtering nonwoven fabric ,

   Inner layer –Breathable, non-irritating ,soft skin friendly                                  nonwoven fabric. Size: 175mmx95mm 


  1. Protective mask:

        Standard: GB/T32610-2016, PFE=>99%(I)-90%(III)

        For daily public protection.

   2. Disposable medical mask:

        Standard: YY/T0969-2013. CE, EN14683, BFE=>95%,

        For medical usage

   3. Surgical mask:

        Standard: YY0469-2011, PFE=>30%, BFE=>95%

        For surgical usage.

   4.  Medical protective mask:

        Standard: GB19083-2010, EN149:2001,FFp2,


Our service:

Different standard comes for USA, EU and others with some overlap. Please list detail requirement while contact us for updated info to us-- the surgical mask, protective mask, medical mask supplier, wholesaler and distributor.


(Valid only for Covid-19 period)

( Minimum: 50k pcs in advance)

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